LN Railroad Depot – Milton Florida Museum

historic train car in milton florida

For anyone who enjoys trains or history of the railroad system, the small picturesque museum that sits directly on the historical L&N train depot is an adventure to see. Dating back to 1881, Milton Florida offers a chance to step back in history with original architecture, railway tools, and trains! Milton is within the heart of the Florida Panhandle, and the museum has an incredible amount of information for any railroad history lover.

Historic railway car

The site sits in outstanding condition. The historical love behind trains and the railway depot is obvious. It is easy to become in awe as soon as you pull off of Henry Street and into the parking lot. There are at least four trains for public view and some are available to step up on the stairs that lead into the car. It is fascinating to see firsthand the size and strength of an enormous piece of metal that once traveled thousands of miles across the state of Florida and the United States. Peer inside the train windows and find yourself transferred to a time almost 140 years ago.

Inside the museum you will find the original waiting area and ticket counter, a mail room, unique railway tools, clothing, pictures, signs, light systems, parts of the original control center, oil canisters, heating stove, model trains, phone booth with Morse code technology, and much more. There is also a collection of unique model train magazines dating back to the 1960s for customers to sift through and take as a souvenir!

Railway timber with rusty lock

Besides the trains and unique gadgets to fall in love with, the structure itself is fascinating. Enormous pieces of lumber make up the overall depot structure with original hinges and door locks still intact. Hard to imagine all the incredible stories of the passengers that once awaited the next train to arrive. Not to mention the economic impact that the railway system had on developing communities.

The museum is family friendly and a wonderful experience for children; especially those die hard train enthusiasts. Unique memories and conversation came out of our family trip to the West Florida Railroad Museum. Perhaps your next adventure will do the same. All aboard!

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