The Game Begins

Part I – Moirai Games

May 18th, 2113 – A wide palm gripped his arm, pulling at the seams of his metallic jacket. Trax broke the grip with force as he whipped around, “what are you doing!”

“Where have you been? I need you to follow me.” Corbin attempted to catch his breath, placing one finger against his lips and motioning for Trax to follow as he rushed around the corner.

Trax remained in the dim hallway as he watched Corbin disappear near one of the smaller conference rooms. Annoyed by Corbin’s demand, Trax reluctantly followed with concern for the impatient nervousness of his friend. Trax rounded the corner, lacking the same urgency. Corbin was standing halfway behind the door in the black conference room. The tall stature and raven tattoo that stretched across his neck was intimidating to others, not Trax. Corbin began motioning his hand in the air with such force, it shook his thick, black, perfectly positioned hair.

“Come here, man.” Corbin whispered, nervously peering down the hall behind Trax.

“What are you doing, you’re acting weird?” asked Trax, as he slid into the darkened room behind Corbin. Corbin left two hands positioned against the door, easing the weight to lock without a sound.

Corbin briskly turned to face Trax. Trax was the primary manager for the Moirai Corporation. A leading organization in artificial intelligence, technology and dimensional bending. The Moirai charged them with engineering new techniques for criminal mind reading. The two men had been friends since prior college days, now both in leading positions with the same corporation.

“We have a problem. I think we are all in some serious trouble,” fear nearly choking his words mid sentence.

Trax could see Corbin’s eyes were glossing over. He had never witnessed his friend seconds from tears. A sickening wave of worry flushed Trax.

“What are you talking about, we?”

“I just came back from reviewing the results of test set Kyrios 445.9.”

“Okay, what did it say?”

“I’m nervous. I think we should abort all the work and destroy the technology! We need to start over.”

“Are you crazy! We can’t do that. What was so bad?”

“Trax, I’m telling you, this is the beginning of our end. Things will become bigger than we can handle!”

“You better explain, or I’m walking out of here.” Trax crossed his arms and stared. An annoyance that lifted his eyebrows, creating tan valleys on his forehead. He clenched his mouth as a twitch became noticeable at the corner of his eye.

Corbin put both palms together in front of him, pointing his tired hands toward the ceiling. “Please Trax, believe me, the Kyrios have begun a deviant plan for humankind. I’ve watched the messaging progress, and now I’m throwing in the flag. They know too much and are turning!”

Trax stared in silence with his arms crossed tighter, creating noticeable ribbons of muscle. No words or movement to return. “Mr. Hex, I think you need to leave.”

“What? Now I’m a Mister? What do you mean, leave?” Corbin’s words faded as the silhouette of a short Kyrios walked past the doorway, causing him to bolt further into the dark corner of the room. The air between to the two men suddenly became heavy.

“You’re asking me to throw away billions on a whim. We’re done here, and when I say leave, I mean, you’re fired!”

“What! I’m trying to warn you, and I thought we were friends.” Corbin pointed his index finger with force into Trax’s face, seconds later regretting this choice.

“We were, now get out before I have you arrested for coercion and careless use of highly classified information for personal gain.” Trax reached for the door, puffing his chest as an over-sized ego stretched his spine.

“I don’t believe this, personal gain?” Corbin slid a hand through his shiny black hair as anger flushed his cheeks.

“You know what I’m talking about. It’s best we act like this conversation never happened.” Trax pointed his hand out of the doorway as silver light swallowed the dim conference room.

“Okay. You will never hear from me again. You’ve been warned.”

Corbin pushed past Trax into the hallway. With a sharp right, he rushed toward his office to grab his belongings and research before Trax forced him out with security. The hall filled his nose with a thick metallic scent as one of the light orbs linked up with his movement, bringing attention to his urgent motivation. He loosened his fists with a reminder to breathe. The Moirai Corporation wasn’t a place he felt comfortable in any longer.

After years of friendship, Corbin never expected that his best friend would turn his back against him, especially over financial gain. He kept his eyes down as other coworkers passed him in the hall. A small Moirai announcement followed him as he walked, flashing neon letters on the wall.

With a swift motion, Corbin released the lock on his office door as a wave of baked plum showered his face. His boots squeaking on the granite floors as he turned himself around forcefully once inside. The lights automatically flickered on, sweeping silver across the compact room. He reached his hand above his head and tapped the orb to silence the light. As his office darkened with him inside, an announcement echoed throughout the building. The Moirai were now directing the Kyrios and security to obtain Corbin.

His desk arranged as preferred; cluttered with reports and drawings. Corbin quickly connected the 500 TB device by resting it near a blinking port on the company computer. A blue light flickered as he copied years of research.

A rush of anger flooded his veins as moisture greased his palms. He placed both hands on his head as he spoke aloud to the device. He paced the dim office and peered down the hall through the small glass window in his door. With a tap of his finger, the device was near 97% complete. Corbin overheard voices bouncing from wall to wall, as a posse of security were approaching to remove him.

Unbelievable coward. He whispered to himself as he grabbed the memory device. Teeth grinding as he clenched the two layers of bone in his mouth. Corbin sat at his chair and removed the spacer from the side of his boot sole. He slid the device into the void and placed the spacer back in position. The moment he stood to his feet, the door lock was engaged.

A security guard stood in the doorway. A heavy-set man with a scruffy black beard that appeared neglected for at least four days.

“Time to go, Mr. Hex,” said the security guard as he crossed his arms over his chest. Arms barely resting above his enormous egg-shaped belly.

“Okay, give me a minute, and I will be out.” Corbin rocked his head from side to side and clenched his lips together.

He cringed at the sight of a Kyrios waiting in the hall, standing motionless next to Trax. As her gaze pierced his eyes, he huffed, turning to the papers on his desk.

“You are not removing anything from this room except yourself.” The guard reached his grossly enormous hand and gripped Corbin’s arm.

A pinch elevated throughout Corbin’s flesh, “get your hand off me!” Corbin thrust his arm out of the guard’s grip.

“Corbin, come on man. Don’t make this worse!” shouted Trax, standing safely between the guard and the Kyrios.

A sly grin stretched the tight and thin flesh of Trax’s face. The Kyrios, an attractive young cyborg, remained still with hands hanging next to her short human like frame. Corbin could smell the sour sweat seeping from the pits of the guard as a gag climbed to the back of his throat, tingling his tongue.

The two men threatened Corbin’s mere existence, forcing him to imagine an instant end to theirs. He paused, regaining his thoughts. Prison would obstruct his new goal.

Corbin threw his hands in the air and played along, “okay, you win. I’ll leave.”

Without hesitation, he pushed past the guard and stood eye level with Trax, “see you around, brother.”

A smirk brightening his face as he turned his back on Trax. Corbin could feel eyes burning through his shirt as a sense of power overwhelmed his step.

Persuading himself didn’t take much time. He had what he needed. Now, he would soon follow through with what they needed.

Thanks for reading! This is chapter of a running speculative fiction series.


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