Unique Gifts for the Creative Writer in your life

Scratching your head? Find a unique and interesting gift for the writer in your life, customized by a writer! Sure most writers love books and journals, but perhaps you want to try something different. Take a look at the eleven gifts below under $40 for creative choices the writer in your life may love. All products on this list are available through Amazon. If not the exact product, perhaps this list will inspire your creative gift giving this year!

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post

  • Classic Miniature Book Earrings in Blue and Brown. Handmade and super cute! Hands down, a favorite of mine. $25
  • Vintage Typewriter Dictionary Wall Art. Most of us writers love words. Turning that love of words into sweet wall art is a great addition to any writers cozy writing corner. $12
  • Rainbow Writing Pencils. Add an extra layer of color to writing creativity. Sometimes a pop of color can create a fun and interesting writing environment. Change up the standard gray color with rainbows. $14
  • I am a Writer mug. What’s not to love about this mug? Writers know that finding inspiration for character development is easier when we focus attention on the REAL personalities around us. Beware! $12
  • Character Paperback Workbook. A nice guide full of tips, tricks, and working checklists to craft the ultimate realistic character. There are a couple other workbooks available from the same author. Take a look to find the other options available. $16
  • Reading Socks with Quote. Who doesn’t love cozy socks especially during those cold holiday months? With a quote and style like this, you’ll want to show them off. $12
  • Writing Inspiration Wall Art. Sometimes us writers hit roadblocks and all we need are a few reminders of why we love writing! Never give up. This art captures endless inspiration and makes a unique addition to a writers personal creativity space. $29
  • Digital Voice Recorder. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve had to pull out my phone, find the recording app, and attempt to capture an idea that randomly came to me. Having a digital voice recorder makes recording those moments in time easier and more organized. $37
  • Ernest Hemingway Inspirational Quote Pen. I mean, it’s Ernest Hemingway. Enough said. $20
  • Writer Emergency Pack. What a fun and creative way to pull a writer out of a mind block. There are probably more instances than I could share where a little inspirational kick in the rear would have come in handy. Instead of spending days digging myself out and capturing my rhythm again, the emergency pack comes to the rescue for faster results. $17
  • Unicorn Coffee Mug. A simple and hilarious way to express the creativity and unique viewpoints of a writer. Writers are unique and proud, and unicorns are forever magical. $19

What do you think of this holiday gift list? If you take anything away from these unique items, I hope its inspiration for your next holiday shopping trip. Don’t be boring, be creative, just like the writer in your life.

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