Chasing Benevolence – A Dark Sci-Fi

Science Fiction Novel by RaNnae Dawn Goulart

Hidden Darkness. This is what Joel Contello was beginning to suspect, forcing him to challenge the secrecy of his six-year role involving infants and microchip implants. When hiring promises fail to deliver and his questions are ignored, the suspicion of conspiracy grows.

The writing style and descriptive words made the characters and scenes come to life.

Barbara via Goodreads

Officer Graham becomes overwhelmed with a separate darkness. One that quickly changes the rookie deputy and pushes him close to ending his dream career. A series of events begin to take shape when the Citizen Defense Acceleration Center (CDAC) implements a new policy initiative involving artificial intelligence, the awakening of a robotic beast begins. These events bring the two men together as the policy change directly impacts both of their current roles within society, and their assigned unknown roles from three decades before.

The author paints a compelling and intriguing story involving artificial intelligence and the awakening of a robotic beast in a very vivid and convincing way.

Píaras Cíonnaoíth via Amazon

Joel realizes there may be a link between his infant research and the robotic beast. Will Joel and Officer Graham embrace the hidden darkness? It may be just enough to continue the lifelong quest of one to shine light where humanity has failed to see. What have you taken for granted?

This book is a dark fantasy meant for mature audiences.

If science fiction and dark urban fantasy are intriguing to you, this book is one to try. Just remember to leave a light on while reading.

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