She Will Wait

A poem Waiting patientlyFor a glimpse of faithAn unseen empathyShe learns to wait Each passing moonA body grows tiredNo mention of concernOr signaled desire Are you proudLeft to wonderWhere did I failFor one dayHer mother may love her Another new…

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Part V — Moirai Games The cryptic words dissolved with a swipe of his hand as streaks of light replaced each letter. A left-to-right motion and two seconds brought an emptiness he welcomed. Two years’ worth of data, wrong. Corbin had it…

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Dear Quantity, My Heart Belongs to Quality

One writer’s failed journey to discovery, resulted in positive self-reflection Inspiration? Check the lost and found. Overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused. Three little words that describe a writing journey from 2016 to 2020. When I first started publishing my writing for…

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